About the plant

Kashira Railcar Repair Plant “Novotrans” LLC is the youngest and most technologically advanced enterprise in the Russian Railways network and the first depot of the Novotrans Group, where the concept of lean production in accordance with the kaizen philosophy is being implemented today. Continuous improvement of all stages of the technological process and management, the desire to meet the latest quality standards, and client satisfaction are the highlights of the program being implemented.


Director General of KVRZ LLC

Mikhov Albert Nikolaevich

E-mail: a.mihov@kvrz-novotrans.ru

Deputy Director General for Commerce

Gamynin Nikolay Nikolaevich

E-mail: n.gamynin@kvrz-novotrans.ru

General information:

  • Year of building depot – 2013
  • Trademark number — 1429
  • Junction station (station code) – Ozherelye (229706)
  • Railroad – Moscow
  • Depot production capacity – 1,400 railcars/month
  • Production capacity of railcar wheel workshops – 2,000 wheel sets a month
  • Certified to repair and maintain innovative freight railcars with axle load of 25 tf

Depot repairs of freight railcars:

  • Roundhouse servicing of freight railcars
  • Complete overhaul of freight railcars
  • Current repairs in scope of ТR-1 and ТR-2
  • Preparing tank cars for repairs
  • Current and medium repairs of wheel sets of freight and passenger railcars
  • Complete overhaul of wheel sets
  • Repairs and storage of spare parts
  • Painting of railcar bodies and tank shells
  • Railcar scrapping
  • Manufacturing assembled wheel sets without axle equipment

Type of repaired railcars:

  • Gondola railcars
  • Tank cars for oil transportation
  • Boxcars
  • General service flat cars
  • Container platforms
  • Grain hoppers
  • Mineral hoppers


LLC Kashira Railcar Repair Plant on the basis of the received license carries out training of specialists with the following qualifications:

Mechanic on repair of rolling stock


Gas electric welder

Training License

Permits and certificates for services of the enterprise


Scrap license