In June 2019, HC Novotrans JSC became the owner of the stevedoring company Global-Service LLC. In September 2019, the limited liability company changed its name to STEVEDORING COMPANY NOVOTRANS

  • Global Service LLC is the general agent for the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosmorport on the Automotive and Railroad Ferry Facility (the “ARFF”)
  • It performs loading and unloading works at the Ust-Luga sea port, provides storage services.
  • Ferry facility ensures freight sea traffic between the Leningrad Region and Kaliningrad Region (Ust-Luga port – Baltiysk port). The ARFF at the Ust-Luga sea port is the only Russian transport site that transfers cargos to and from the Kaliningrad Region without crossing international borders.
  • Nowadays the passage is serviced by two ferries: Ambal and Baltiysk. Annual volume of transfer is up to 1.5 million tons of cargo.

The facility is equipped with automotive and railroad loading areas, other technological territories. The area of the facility exceeds 30 ha, total length of approaching railway exceeds 8 km.

The Holding Company plans to develop the technical base of ferry facility. In particular, new autoloaders, towing vehicles and other equipment have already been purchased and put into operation. Stevedore asset was purchased in the course of implementation of the Holding Company diversification strategy.

Description of Automotive and Railroad Ferry Facility

Types of ships admissible for processing on the ARFF quayage:
  • Multipurpose ships, classes RO-RO, RO-LO, CON-RO, RO-PAX, car carriers, railroad ferries;
  • Maximal dimensions of ships processed at the sea terminal:
  • Quay 1 (ARFF-1) for railroad ferries (sinkage, length, width): 7.20/190.9/26 m
  • Quay 2 (ARFF -2) for ships, classes RO-RO, RO-LO, CON-RO, RO-PAX: 7.20/183/28 m
  • Navigation season: all-year
  • Area of closed (sheltered) warehouses: 2,150 square meters
  • Area of open storages: 96,130 square meters


Quay 1
(sinkage, length, width)


Quay 2
(sinkage, length, width)

The following cargos can be transferred and stored at the terminal:
  • vehicles;
  • freight cars;
  • construction, agricultural and other special automotive and trailing machinery;
  • оборудование;
  • contained cargos;
  • cargos in individual packages.
Schemes of cargo transfer. Trailing cargos (equipment, cargos in individual packages):
  • freight car – warehouse – ship;
  • freight car – container – ship;
  • freight car – roll trailer – ship;
  • truck/semitrailer – warehouse – ship;
  • truck/semitrailer – roll trailer – ship;
Automotive rolling cargos (cars, special machinery):
  • acceptance area – warehouse – ship;
  • ship – warehouse – delivery area;

96 130

area of open
storages, square meters

2 150

area of closed
storages, square meters

The terminal is equipped with special ramp to accept automotive cargos from railroad platforms.
ARFF terminal is equipped with the following technological areas:
  • ship lots acceptance and preparation area;
  • customs supervision area – freight depot;
  • new car storage;
  • automotive loading area;
  • railroad loading area;
The following technological structures are located in the ARFF terminal:
  • automotive and railroad elevating and transition bridges;
  • rolling machinery loading ramp on the railroad loading area;
  • roll trailer packaging ramp on railroad loading area;
  • rolling machinery warehouse shelter for loaded roll trailer storage;
  • cargo customs examination points

For horizontal loading of rolling machinery, the vehicle axis load must not exceed 20 tons, and total mass of loaded vehicle must not exceed 80 tons. Transfer of rolling machinery exceeding 80 ton is possible upon specific arrangement with the Federal State Unitary Enterprise ROSMORPORT, the terminal operator

Vertical hold/main deck loading (unloading) of RO-LO, CON-RO class ships is possible only if such ships are equipped and capable of loading with their own lifting equipment (cranes) without assistance. In this case the cargo is delivered to the pier by roll trailer and ship lifting equipment transfers the cargo from the roll trailer to the hold/main deck. Total weight of port towing vehicle, roll trailer and cargo delivered to the pier must not exceed 80 tons.

Transfer of hazard class cargos is possible upon specific arrangement with the Federal State Unitary Enterprise ROSMORPORT, the terminal operator

Operation Regime:
  • Acceptance and processing of ships: all-year, day and night
  • Acceptance and processing of railroad cargos: all-year, day and night
  • Acceptance and delivery of automotive cargos: all-year, daily from 9 am to 8 pm