Kashirsky car repair plant

About companies

OOO “Kashirskiy car repair plant “Novotrans” – the most technologically advanced company Novotrans. Today, the company is implementing a lean manufacturing program.


General Director LLC “KCRP”

Ivanov, Ivan Sergeyevich

tel: 8 (495) 526-67-90

E-mail: referent@kvrz-novotrans.ru

Deputy General Director for Commerce

Gamynin Nikolay Nikolaevich

tel: 8 (495) 526-67-97

E-mail: referent@kvrz-novotrans.ru

General information:

  • Year of construction of the depot – 2007
  • Conditional number stamps – 1429
  • Junction station (station code) – necklace station (229706)
  • Railway – Moscow
  • The production capacity of the depot is 1,400 cars per month
  • The production capacity of the VCR – 2 000 wheelsets per month

Enterprise services:

  • Depot repair
  • Overhaul of freight cars
  • Current repairs in the amount of TR-1 and TR-2
  • Preparation of tanks for repair
  • Current and average repair of wheel pairs of freight and passenger cars
  • Repair and storage of spare parts and components
  • Painting car bodies and boilers tanks
  • Cutting of cars in scrap metal

Type of repaired cars:

  • Gondolas
  • Tanks for transportation of oil products
  • Covered wagon
  • Universal platforms
  • Fitting platforms
  • Grain hoppers
  • Mineral hopper cars


LLC Kashirsky CRP on the basis of the received license carries out training of specialists in specialties:

Mechanic on repair of rolling stock


Gas electric welder

License to teach

Permits and certificates for services of the enterprise

Certificates and certificates

Scrap license


PositionFull namePhoneE-mail
general DirectorIvanov, Ivan Sergeyevich8 (495) 526-67-99            i.ivanov@kvrz-novotrans.ru
SecretarySankova Evgeniya Vitalievna8 (495) 526-67-90referent@kvrz-novotrans.ru
First Deputy General DirectorMinakova Lilia Mikhailovna8 (496) 694-79-70l.minakova@kvrz-novotrans.ru
Deputy General production DirectorAlbert Nikolayevich Mikhov8 (496) 694-79-73a.mihov@kvrz-novotrans.ru
Chief engineerAfonchenko Igor Gennadievich8 (495) 526-67-95i.afonchenko@kvrz-novotrans.ru
Deputy General commercial DirectorGaminin Nikolay Nikolaevich8 (495) 526-67-97n.gamynin@kvrz-novotrans.ru
Chief accountantRoshupkina Nadezhda Viktorovna8 (496) 694-79-70n.roshchupkina@kvrz-novotrans.ru
Deputy General quality DirectorSokolov Sergey Nikolaevich8 (496) 694-79-76s.sokolov@kvrz-novotrans.ru