Company history

Company history

Novotrans accepted the 100th ferry in the port of Ust-Luga

The stevedoring company Novotrans became the commercial operator of Baltiysk ferry on the Baltic Sea.

Expert RA Agency confirmed the credit rating to the Novotrans Holding Company at the level of ruA.

Novotrans increased the share of its own railcars in the total rolling stock to 65.4%

Novotrans ranked third in the Russian railcar repair market.

Over 51% of Novotrans rolling stock is at the corporate property.

Novotrans increased the speed of grain transshipment at the ferry complex in the port of Ust-Luga to 2,000 tonnes per day.

The Novotrans Group of Companies finished the first stage of construction of the LUGAPORT multipurpose terminal.

Holding Company Novotrans (JSC) paid the second coupon on bonds of the first issue.

Novotrans transshipped 850,000 tonnes of cargoes at the ferry complex of Ust-Luga seaport.

The Novotrans Group of Companies turned 16 years!

Novotrans keeps the transshipment of export grain cargoes in the Baltic.

Novotrans sponsored the erection of the Soldier of Victory Monument in Prokopyevsk (Kemerovo Region).

Novotrans creates new jobs in Kemerovo Region.

Novotrans finished creating artificial land plots at the LUGAPORT terminal.

For the first time Novotrans transshipped export grain cargoes on the Baltic Sea.

In 2019 the net profit of the Novotrans Group of Companies increased by 34.5%.

The Governor of Kemerovo Region and the President of the Novotrans Group of Companies launched the second line of Kuzbass Railcar Repair Plant in Prokopyevsk.

The Novotrans Group of Companies will create an industrial and energy complex in Kemerovo Region.

At the LUGAPORT terminal in Leningrad Region all 845 piles-shells of vertical coast protection of the artificial land plot were set up.

Expert RA Agency assigned a credit rating to the bond loan of Holding Company Novotrans at the level of ruA.

The Federal Agency of Sea and River Transport officials studied the progress of the LUGAPORT investment project.

The President of the Novotrans Group of Companies Konstantin Goncharov became the Head of the RSPP (Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs) Commission on Sports Industry.

The Novotrans Group of Companies ranked 320th (+46 points) in the Russian business rating list of RBC 500 – 2019

Novotrans began the construction of the Baltic Railcar Repair Enterprise in Leningrad Region.