More than 3000 work in the
holding company

Payment for the efforts of employees of the Novotrans Car Repair Enterprise exceeds the average salary in regions where the holding company conducts its operations by 20%.


pay rate

Protection of labor and health of employees, expansion of staff resources

  • Free meal programs for employees have been implemented in the enterprises of the Group of Companies;
  • Supplementary Medical Insurance programs are provided to employees;
  • Car repair enterprises implement programs of corporate training and retraining for worker professions (Kuzbass Car Repair Enterprise has been granted the license for educational activity);
  • In 2018 money premiums with the total amount of 6.7 million Rubles have been distributed among more than 400 employees of Kashira Car Repair Plant Novotrans LLC and Kuzbass Car Repair Enterprise Novotrans LLC who have been working in the Group of Companies for more than 5 years. A similar motivation system has been implemented in other Car Repair Enterprises Novotrans.
  • Payment for the efforts of employees of Car Repair Enterprise Novotrans exceeds the average salary in the regions where the company conducts its operations by 20%.
  • Car repair enterprises have been equipped with special vehicles in order to transfer workers to the plants.

Professional Mastery Contests

Kashira Car Repair Plant Novotrans (KVRZ Novotrans, city of Kashira, Moscow Region) held the finals of the Russian National Professional Mastery Contest “Choice of Path” on the 27th of July 2018, category “the Best Russian Specialist for Review and Repair of Freight Cars – 2018”.

The finals were organized by Novotrans Group of Companies, RSPP and industrial social organization “National Railroaders Union”. Participants consisted of 24 car review experts from the largest Russian companies (JSCo RZD, First Freight Company JSC, Severstal PAO, SUEK JSC, Stoilensky GOK JSC, PhosAgro-Trans JSC and others).

Results of Special Assessment of Working Conditions

Spreadsheet with the results of the special assessment of working conditions at the Repair Company Novotrans LLC in 2019.