ESG strategy of Novotrans Group of Companies

ESG strategy aim: integration of ESG aspects and principles into all key managerial decisions to ensure the successful integration of the holding company into the modern transformational world economic model and to guarantee conditions for ESG financing of the Group’s projects.

ESG strategy objectives:

 Е (for environmental management): 

  • Development of cyclic economy principles – introduction and development of production processes with closed circulating cycles for maximum achievement of non-waste production
  • Use of the best modern technologies in industrial ecology at enterprises
  • Introducing environmental monitoring systems at all Group enterprises to ensure strict compliance with environmental legislation
  • Initiating and implementing biodiversity conservation programs in the regions where the Group operates
  • Forming and developing a culture of responsible consumption among staff, including the introduction of separate waste collection at all the enterprises and offices of Group companies
  • Minimizing greenhouse gas emissions at the Group’s production sites and carrying out various environmental measures to reduce carbon footprint and environmental load
  • Introduction and development of energy-efficient technologies at all production stages
  • Introduction of an electronic document management system and the use of modern digital technologies in production processes to minimize the use of paper

S (social management):

  • Development of human capacity, organization of corporate training for staff retraining
  • Creation of motivation systems for professional and career growth, development of key competencies
  • Creating comfortable and decent working conditions, including maintaining wages above the industry and regional average, as well as providing an extended social package (free meals, transportation, accommodation, support for families with kids, etc.);
  • Ensuring staff health and well-being: providing free medical insurance, organizing preventive measures for disease diagnosis, health resort treatment, as well as developing corporate sports and holding sports events to engage staff in healthy lifestyles;
  • Inclusiveness, ensuring equal rights for all staff and preventing any kind of discrimination and forced labor
  • Strict compliance with all occupational safety standards, including the provision of all Group production sites with modern emergency and fire protection systems to guarantee staff safety

G (corporate governance):

  • Continuous improvement of the efficiency, quality, and transparency of corporate governance systems
  • Regular anti-corruption measures, ensuring information openness and transparency of the Group’s financial information
  • Digitalization of all production processes, automated management and dispatching, application of robotic complexes and modern blockchain technologies
  • Contributing to the social and economic development of the regions of presence: increasing the tax base, creating new jobs, building social and sports infrastructure, supporting projects in education, science, culture, art, enlightenment, and the spiritual development of kids and youth
  • Building up the base of clients and counterparties, which adhere to ESG principles of production management
  • Implementation of corporate charity programs aimed at supporting orphans, gifted kids, and those in need, as well as supporting projects to perpetuate and preserve historical memory and search organizations that excavate the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War, patriotic, spiritual and moral upbringing of citizens