Company management

Company management

President and Owner of Novotrans Group of Companies

Konstantin Anatolievich

Novotrans Group of Companies celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2019. Holding company has been a strong participant of the top ten leaders of the Russian operators and car repair business of Russia. The value of the Group assets exceeded 54 billion Rubles in 2018. The customer base is expanding, the technologies is advancing. Annual freight turnover exceeded 146 billion ton-kilometers, more than 36 million tons of various freights are transferred every year.

The freight turnover has increased by 115% in comparison with 2015, and volume of transportation has increased by 70%. Repair plants provide maintenance to more than 60 thousand cars every year, major repair is provided to more than 80 thousand of wheelpairs. This year the holding company is going to start the LUGAPORT investment project that includes creation of a modern port infrastructure as a part of development of the 4th, 5th and 6th phase of the General Cargo Facility at the Ust-Luga Sea Commerce Port (Leningrad Region).


The company implements the principles of social partnership and creates the employer brand. It has become prestigious to participate in the Novotrans team, and not only due to salary that exceeds the industrial average by 11%. The future perspective includes construction of social infrastructure, i.e. residential houses, kindergartens, sanatory facilities, implementation of corporate sport and physical training development projects. Novotrans-5P Charity fund has started its operations for the purpose of implementation of socially important projects in the regions where the holding company conducts its operations.